Make your Supply Chain sustainable. Take the first step with us.

Supply Chain sustainability is no longer a nice-to-have. enables you to reduce inventories and lead-times across the whole value chain. Reduce your logistical and CO2 foot print and be ready for the 21st century.

Achieve more with less

Reduce lead-times and inventories, eliminate waste. Increase service levels. This not only reduces costs, but also resource consumption and your logistical foor print.

CO2 neutral works with certified partners to off-set CO2 emmissions. Make your Supply Chain CO2 neutral.

Circular Economy

Track your orders to the customer. And back. We make sure your returns are properly repaired, recycled or reused. Of course, our packaging is fully recyclabel.

Sustainablity is more than CO2 emissions. Supply Chains have a major impact on infrastructure, resource consumption and waste. We can minimize the imact your Supply Chain has on the environment. Carefull planning of last mile deliveries limits the number of shipments. Better inventory planning reduces production runs and necessary warehouse space. And the complete freedom regarding service providers and partners uses existing infrastructure more efficiently.


Supply Chains bind a lot of capital and resources, whether in inventories, transportation or infrastructure. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Every unit not needed to keep service levels up is a unit not produced. A unit not shipped and a unit not kept in stock. In short, your logistical foot print and resource consumption decrease.

And your Supply Chain gets more sustainable. One unit at a time.

Reverse Logistics

A still under-served part of every Supply Chain, yet a crucial one. What to do with returns, with goods at the end of their service life? Getting these goods back in a way to properly recycle or reuse them is the answer.

Use full end-to-end transparency to make it easier to locate all goods you sold. And to get them back when needed. Together, we define processes and standards to properly organize and handle returns. All the way to recycle them. Because in a land-fill, all the raw materials would be just waste.

CO2 Neutral

Supply Chains are, directly and indirectly, among the largest sources of pollution. You can offset up to 100% of your Supply Chain related emissions. With our partners, your donations go directly into certified projects. 100% tax deductible.