Solar Logistics

Leverage eCommerce Best Practices. And win the European Roof-Top Market.

Roof-Top solar is a key element in solving climate change. Getting solar modules there requires new solutions. From a single module to a handfull of pallets, we can supply your roof-top projects and customers the same way Amazon delivers books.

Floating Inventory

Solar modules at sea are no dead inventory, they are free storage! We can coordinate your containers with your customes’ orders. This reduces lead-times and costs. And reduces the inventory needed for the European market.

no project too small

Serve all roof-top projects, from a singel module to a full industrial roof! No matter how many solar modules are needed, you can count on us.

Managed Operations

You sell, we manage operations. Focus on your customer relationships while makes sure orders are delivered on-time-in-full.

Safe Costs and Time

Safe up to 20% of costs and time. Eliminate fix costs, and directly serve the European roof-top market!


We are using the our Fexibel eCommerce fulfillment model for solar modules, too. This means an unrivaled level of transparency, full visibility of Serial Numbers and together with inbound deliveries very short storage times. From shipping a single pallet to full truck loads, you can count on us to get theorders to your customers. On-Time-In-Full. enables companies to improve service levels, increase transparency and reduce Supply Chain costs. Whether you are selling through an online store, a large e-commerce marketplace or through direct sales, takes care of day-to-day operations. Make your Supply Chain lean and fast with us.


We aim to be paperless. Especially in our, and your, daily operations. By limiting the manual data entry points to a minimum, processes become more robust. Humans are can create more value taking care of customers and solving problems, than by entering orders manually.

And still, tools are just one part of the equation. Processes are even more important if you want to use the full potential of a digital supply chain and logistics. We make sure, that from the point of order entry, all necessary data is exchanged digital. No paper, no human interaction. Accessible data and transparency. With the processes to match.

Because Digitalization is more than just getting rid of paper.


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