One Day On-Site Consulting – GERMANY

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This our add-on for all our consulting packages, because video and phone only gets us so far. Because of this, you can book our us to meet your teams on-site. This makes it easier for you to pick our brains, and easier for us to uderstand your business.

Unfortuntaly, we cannot tell when, how and where we can travel in these times. And we want everyone to be safe, so it might be that we have to replace this with a total of 8 hours of video conferencing and workshops.


Pick our brains directly on site at your office!

We already included one day on-site in some of our consulting packages. But if you feel that you could use some more close cooperation between us and your teams, you can always book additional days on-site.

There is a limitation to this however. As COVID-19 is not going anywhere soon, it is impossible to tell upfront if, how and where we can safely travel. In order to make sure we all stay safe, we constantly check travel recommendations. We know that video conferences are great but they have limitations. This means that we prefer to meet you in person. It also means, that when this is not possible we will have to replace the on-sit day with a total of 8 hours of video conferencing and workshops.



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