International e-Commerce Package

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By booking our International e-Commerce Package, you will get an experts analysis of all aspects of business. This analysis ranges from how to serve and integrate multiple marketplaces over EU-27 cross-boarder fulfillment and Brexit all the way to import activities. You will also benefit from two full day on-site presence and additional video and phone consultation.

Description’s international e-Commerce Package:

Once e-Commerce becomes truely international, for example by importing directly from China or outside the EU, Q4 already starts in September. In order to assure availability, the import of goods has to run as smoothly as fulfillment come Cyber Week and Christmas. Since we know first hand how hard, and stressful, this can be, we decided to build a package for exactly these businesses.

This package offers these e-Commerce Retail services:

  • One marketplace
  • An analysis of your fulfillment and logistics set-up, including existing KPIs
  • An analysis of your current costs, including parcel carriers
  • The identification of areas for improvement
  • A risk analysis
  • A Q4 / Christmas peak readiness check
  • Two full hours of video consultation
  • Three full hours of phone consultation
  • A comprehensive written report

It also includes all our Multi-Channel services:

  • A total of up to 5 marketplaces
  • 1 hour phone consultation
  • 1 hour video consultation
  • One on-site day
  • EU-27 fulfillment for EU-based companies or Brexit fulfillment for UK-based companies to serve EU customers

And adds:

  • Unlimited marketplaces
  • One additional day on-site
  • Brexit / EU-27 cross-boarder fulfillment
  • Import

Clearly, this package is tailored for larger and broader businesses. It also tackles the question of import and sea, or air freight and the impact of COVID-19.

One wird regarding COVID-19 and on-site days so. We are not able to tell when, how an where we can safely travel. An your safety is our prime concern, as is our own. This means, that if there is safe travel possible, we will replace the on-site day with 8 full hours of video consultation and workshops. It is clear that this cannot fully replace in-person meetings, but social distancing has taught us a thing or two on virtual collaboration.

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