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The Last-Mile may be the most challenging. But it is by no means the only one.

On-Time delivery is the result of everything that happens before. Going beyond fulfillment, not only B2B companies need an effective and efficient Supply Chain.

Import and Sea Freight

Your suppliers or production is overseas? If so, goods-in-transit are more than bound capital. Transparency, thorough planning and execution allow you to use goods-in-transit as inventory and storage buffers. We manage your sea freight and customs clearance, so your goods are available when needed. Reducing inventories and storage costs.


Shipping goods to their destinations, right after unloading, is the best way to increase inventory turn rates. Timing inbound shipments to outbound deliveries reduces inventory levels and decreases the needed warehouse space. Making your Supply Chain lean and flexible. Breaking your bulk deliveries that way, can also make life for other warehouses in your network a lot easier, and goods reception a lot faster.

Replenishment and Inventory Transfers

Inventory at the wrong place is waste. Inventory not available for customers, too. Your replenishment strategy relies on fast, planned and reliable inventory transfers. Leveraging our distribution tools and processes, makes your transfer orders as easy and simple, as they make your customer shipments. And as transparent as well.

Sales and Operations Planning / S&OP

Long-term performance is based on a robust Sales and Operations Planning process. As a 4Pl, we will participate in your existing S&OP meetings, and cooperate closely with your planning teams. We can also work with you to improve your existing S&OP process. Or we help you set it up from scratch. Either way, you will be able to leverage KPIs and increased transparency to improve your planning.


Increase your forecast accuracy. Use new insights into demand patterns to improve long term planning.

Capacity Planning

Make sure you have enough fulfillment capacity available when you need it. Avoid capacity constraints and under-utilized resources.


Take your goods in transit into account for your ATP calculation. Provide reliable promises to your customers.


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