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Our client relationships are based on trust. Trust is built one step at a time. And the first step does not involve any long term commitments. We start with an initial consulting phase and conduct a gap and process analysis. Depending on your specific use case, we define the necessary interfaces and processes. Once you decide to go forward with the solution, the initial consulting fee will be reimbursed.

Gap Analysis

It starts with a process and gap analysis. The result serves as the basis for the solution development. Whatever you decide to be your next steps, you will benefit from the consulting.

Solution Development

Together with you, we develop a dedicated solution. Scope and depth are designed in a way to maximize the benfit for you and your customers.


Once everything is in place, we start operations. From day one, greenleaves.io takes care of the day to day business. And you will have the full tranparency.

Gap Analysis

The first step is a consulting phase. While the basic principals and constraints are very similar, if not the same, for all Supply Chains, the details make all the difference. Our strength is to find elegant ways to bridge any gaps between between us and your Supply Chain. The necessary interfaces are the most critical part we define together during the first phase.

We believe that this can only be achieved by developing a thourough understanding of your and your cutomers’ needs. This means, we prefer a very hands-on approach during this consulting phase. And of course, you will receive a comprehensive report of our findings. Whether you choose to continue to work with us or not.

Solution Development

We make Supply Chain outsourcing as painless as possible. This means we leverage industry standards and best-practices as much as possible. Since true Supply Chain performance lies in the daily management of operations, our core Supply Chain processes are covering most use cases already.

The focus of our solution development is thus on the interfaces, technological, operational and personal, between us and our clients. This shifted focus is what sets greenleaves.io appart from other 4PLs and allows us to offer a highly flexible, scaleable and, equal important, easy to implement solution.


greenleaves.io provides a managed service plattform. We not only provide the technological infrastructure but also take care of the daily operations. For you, this means that you can focus on the unique parts of your business without loosing control of your supply chain and logistics.

We have regular, up to daily if needed, performance and business reviews with our service providers. During these meetings, we discuss all operational aspects, we define and implement mitigation actions. We also identify continous improvement actions. Based on these meetings, we will have the same reviews together with you.


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