How to start you e-commerce business in 2020 with stelar customer experience

There is a ton of information out there about that very topic, some good, some bad, some obvious, some useful and some brilliant ones. And most of them have two things in common, they help your business to get started and they only so much as mention logistics. Thinking about it, once you have a great product and customers, what keeps you in business? On-time delivery, keeping your customers informed during shipping and having logistics and fulfillment costs that don’t ruin your margin. In other words, logistics.

But what is the right logistics set-up to keep your online business going? What model works best for you an your products? What do you, or your supplier, have to do to make FBA work? And more importantly, what has to be done to make the best out of the 2020 holiday season, from Black Friday and Cyber Week to Christmas? And is my margin high enough for it?

We can help you answer these questions

the same way we answered them for Amazon from the very first Prime Day.

Because we know that you don’t have to learn everything the hard way to make your e-commerce business a success. Book your first, free consultation here and download our e-commerce fulfillment check-list:

You want to make your online, work anywhere, work when you want business a success? If so, do right by getting rid of the operational details. To find out how, book one of our dedicated consulting packages:

e-Commerce Retail Package

  • One Marketplace
  • Performance Analysis
  • 2 Hours Video and 3 Hours Phone
  • Q4 Readiness Check
  • Comprehensive Report

Free eCommerce Logistics and Fulfillment Consultation

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  • Q4 Peak Advice
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