4PL Outsourcing

4PL. Asset free logistics outsourcing.

greenleaves.io is a 4PL, a Fourth-Party-Logistics provider. We don’t own any assets ourselves and are independant. Unlike Lead-Logistics-Partners, LLPs, we are free to design and built the optimal fulfillment soltion for you and your customers. As a 4PL, we also run your day-to-day operations. Whether we integrate directly into your ERP-system or provide a personal portal, you have full transparency.

KPIs and Metrics

We provide a complete end-to-end KPI system to monitor performance. You have acces not only to KPIs but also any actions taken to mitigate deviations.

Tracking & Visibility

We give you full end-to-end transparency. Whether sales needs to know when a certain container arrives or a customer worries about his delivery, the answer is only one click away.

Cost Transparency

Gain full transparency of your logistics costs. Verify greenleave.io’s monthly invoices against your detailed transaction report. Transform your fixed costs into variable costs.

Service Provider Selection

Which service providers you choose makes a big difference. We are independent. Without any assets, warehouses or trucks of our own, we can select the providers and locations that fit best.

Together, we define volumes, structural data, lead times and transport solutions. Based on this analysis, we select the best suited provider and locations available.

Data-based Operations Management

Our Supply Chain solutions are designed to offer the highest amount of transparency. Whether it is container tracking, monitoring of inbound backlogs at warehouses, stock taking or on-time delivery. We use this data to monitor all steps in your Supply Chain.

A sophisticated KPI and metrics system provides the context to make that data actionable and useful.

Cost transparency

As a 4PL, we transform your fixed Supply Chain costs into variable costs. We define volume based price structures with service providers that fit individual process steps.

This way, your Supply Chain costs are plannable and fully transparent. And without a fixed component, you only pay what you need when you need it.


Our solutions scale very well, and we believe you and your customers should benefit from it. Prices are volume and complexity based. Starting at 10% margin and 5% overhead, prices decrease with the volume we handle for you. As a safe guard, we can also use a bonus-malus system.

This protects you against higher costs by capping our margin and overhead percentages. If actual costs a lower than planned, cost savings are shared between us, benefiting both parties.


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